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Telematics Solutions

Mastering end-to-end scalable Telematics Platform for mobility, smart-home, infrastructure, Connected audio/video solutions, sensors and secure technologies. Developing and providing products for Broadcasters, Consumer, Telco, Telematics, IoT platforms. Vertical integrated R&D, manufacturing control & strong partnerships with it’s own strong portfolio of products. An “ahead-of–time-to-market” R&D approach to shorten delivery cycles to support LEADING CUSTOMERS WOLDWIDE

Automotive & Mobility

Digimediacom Solutions are the result of the combination of a worldwide leading telco platform together with the DMC own advanced and unique product portfolio providing an immediate and complete PaaS (Platform As Service), Vehicle Telematics Systems to the automobile insurance companies, fleet management and logistics companies, financial institutions, car sharing companies and others to monitor the location, the driver behaviour, how and where the vehicle has been used as well as keeping under control the assets associated and/or being transported with the vehicle.

Home & Residential Care

Digimediacom has develop and provide a full platform integrated with Sensory Radar devices that determines people’s status : presence, motion, sleep, fall detection, level of dynamic activity and breathing analysis.

100% Privacy: no lens, no video, no audio, no photo
Easy to install: eg. Care Home can Install any Anomalous Situation Alarm
(e.g. Alarm if no movement within 4hs or fall detection or absence in the room within 2hs)
Easy to Monitor: the application will send all alerts via Cloud
No Chances to Escape: no ability for people to hide themselves in the room. Can detect people even in wardrobes or in complete darkness
AI and machine learning software that adjusts according to clients’ behaviour
Green Technology: Low magnetic and electrical pollution, eco-friendly sensors

Sensors & Secure Modules

DIGIMEDIA Group is a leading provider of digital technologies delivering secure and intelligent real time/low latency solutions in different market segments.
Mastering Telematics, Connected audio/video solutions, sensors and secure technologies.

Digimedia is developing and providing a family of MODULES easy to use and plug-in into final and complete customer's products.

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