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Our Ozone Equipments reflects Our Values

Innovative Product Features

  • The Safest and Most Ecological Method to Sanitise with Ozone
  • Awarded Top 100 Excellence Italian Company 2019 and Number 1 in Sanitisation
  • Used by Red Cross, Italian Parliament, Police Force, Medical facilities Military, Automotive and many other companies
  • It takes a few minutes to sanitize a small area;
  • Maximum penetration capacity: It also sanitizes the most difficult to reach surfaces.
  • We’ve produced professional machines for the sanitizing with ozone since 2010.
  • We strongly believe that prevention against diseases, allergies and infections starts with the correct sanitizing of the air we breathe, or water we use and most importanly surfaces with whom we enter into contact with.
    We have at the heart of our business the security through microbiology your health and more importantly the environment.
    For this reason, we work hard to promote the adoption of effective prevention practices, such as sanitizing with ozone, the real key to ensure your clients and your staff a high level of hygiene and safety in the work place.

The “Sanity System Safe System” allows the operator to work in safety, respecting the environment and his own health, as required by 81/2008 “Safety in working environments”.

Sanity System VS the Pandemics !

The pandemic has had a profound effect on the office sector, air trafic, transports and all people's activities;
DigiMediaCom, as official international distributor of SanitySystem products, helps to give a solution to all sanitization problems and allow the recovery of your business!

Sanity System devices sanitize air and water using exclusively ozone, without employing chemical detergents.
Combining SanitySystems equipments with the DigimediaCom Telematics boost the uses of Sanitizitaion to the "NEXT LEVEL" of health control safety and deployment.

Easy, quick, 100% eco-friendly disinfection respecting nature and man.
Among every disinfectants, ozone is the most effective natural agent against bacteria, viruses and bad smells.
Its disinfecting power is higher even than chlorine and it’s most effective than the traditional and widespread chemical cleansers.

  • Neutralize bacteria and viruses : It removes more than 99% of bacteria, germs, viruses, yeasts, moulds, fungus, spores, pollen and dust mites.
  • Remove bad odours : It removes the unpleasant odours of smoking, mold, cooking, perspiration and animal fur.
  • Repel infesting insects : It repels flies, mosquitos, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, ants and little rodents.
  • Ecological and low-cost : It disinfects without necessity of refills, additives or chemical detergents. It doesn’t release toxic residues in environment.
  • Effective : It penetrates in depth and reaches the most hidden points where bacteria and allergens settle.
  • Safe : It doesn't require any operator presence, 100% authomatic, it sanitises without damaging fabric, pieces of furniture, and equipment It is not flammable and it doesn’t cause irritation to skin.


Ideal for all types of interiors and air-conditioning systems, including ventilation ducts...
OUR Sanity System ozone generators have unique automatic Catalysis system...
SANY PLUS is the ideal device to sanitize outpatients clinics, medical centers...
SANY WATER PLUS is provided with an immersion probe for the treatment of water...

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